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Signature Spa Treatments

Through years of cultural experiences, we have collected memories from the past and integrated into pampering rituals, offering luxurious head-to-toe indulgence.

Tropical Samui Experience, specially created with a Thai recipe, utilizes warming effect from Thai herbs, ginger and pandanus, by relaxing and cleanse your body in Tropical Samui herbal bath ceremony and following by body polish, with a special scrub blend of cucumber, turmeric, mint, honey and fresh coconut grate, to provide your body a well-nourished and exfoliated journey with an exotic touch.

A unique indulgence of coconut shell is applied for pressure point massage to relax your relax your muscle tension as well as enhance the energy flow. Following by the Tropical herbal compress, the heat melts the tension from the muscles, leaving your body relaxed and in a state of bliss. The massage technique is combination of traditional Thai and a warm virgin coconut oil for your comfort using palm pressure and stretching to ease muscle tension.

For your absolute indulgence, the signature certified organic white mulberry tisane paired with a healthy snack is served to rebalance your body and mind.

Post treatment refreshment of customized blend of TICHAA certified organic herbal infusion completes the spa experience by nourishing the body from the inside. Some spa products are available for purchase at Baan Thai Spa by HARNN but the entire collection is available at HARNN Boutique next to hotel lobby.

Bespoke Products


Harnn's holistic approach focuses on restoring and maintaining natural balance through the use of natural botanical extracts with inspiration from traditional herbal medicine and proven scientific research. Its organic plant extracts and essential oils act to counter the effects of stress and pollution from today's urban lifestyle and environment.


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To make a reservations or more information about our Spa, please call at Tel. +66 (0) 7742 9100 or E-mail: spa@ickohsamui.com