Resort Activities

Create a holiday itinerary that’s yours. Discover specialised activities around the resort and add more cultural adventures to your stay.

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Our In-the-Know activities and insider experiences are tailor-made for families, couples and individuals seeking to connect to the spirit of Samui and create bucket-list memories. Study Thai with one of the best views on the island. Take part in a guardian spirit house ceremony. Learn the art of Thai relaxation and healing in one of our three therapeutic classes. Kids can have ecological experiences and enjoy Thai games at Planet Trekkers Kids’ Club as you relax by gorgeous infinity pools and sip signature cocktails.

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Yoga On the Pier

Experience a yoga class in a once-in-a-lifetime spot. Stretch your way into relaxation and get in holiday mode with a morning yoga class over the beautiful azure water of the Gulf of Thailand. At the end of class, jump off our private pier into the refreshing salt water before heading to Amber for a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Thai Boxing

Kick start each day of your holiday with this unique cardio workout to release stress. Get your heart rate up and learn some of the techniques of this beloved Thai national sport by taking a private class or a group class with family and friends.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Take part in a spiritual ceremony that is uniquely Thai. Light incense and pray for wellbeing and good fortune in life at the guardian spirit houses around the resort. Offerings of food, desserts and flowers are made to the guardian spirits that protect the property — your home on a beautiful cliff.

De-Stress Massage

During your time in Samui learn the art of Thai relaxation and healing in our three therapeutic classes. Learn how to make a herbal compress infused with ginger, turmeric and lemongrass to help with inflammation. Learn the art of hand massage using our beautiful HARNN products. Master the secrets of Thai massage techniques in our tranquil Baan Thai Spa.

Thai Culture and Language Class

Study Thai with one of the best views on the island. Learn about greeting postures and the do’s and don’ts in Thailand. Master useful phrases for travel and business. Take this class at the beginning of your stay so you can practice everything you’ve learned with our friendly staff.