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Образ жизни и шоппинг

Both Chaweng and Lamai offer the most diverse options, including traditional Thai food markets where you can watch the bustling trade of colorful fruit and vegetables, while Bo Phut (or ‘Fisherman’s Village’) is home to fashionable boutiques, handicraft shops and art galleries. 

Dining options are equally diverse, with a huge range of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, noodle shops and beachside vendors. Whether you want to explore the incredible tastes of Thai and Southern Thai dishes, or enjoy an international, fine dining experience, there are restaurants covering almost every type of cuisine. In recent years, chic cocktail lounges and wine bars have begun sprouting up in growing numbers.

To ensure you discover the most authentic local products, our Lifestyle Consultant is available to accompany guests on shopping trips, helping them to make the most of their experience.

Our Boutique Shop, situated next to the Inspiration Space in the Lobby, has a range of signature items for sale, including many of the amenities found in our guest rooms, as well as scents, clothing and spa products.


If you’re looking for true made-in-Samui goods, a cottage industry in coconut products has emerged on Koh Samui. The shells of the ubiquitous tropical fruit are used for decorative items such as wind chimes and statues, while coconut oil derived products are sold for everything from cosmetics for hair and skin to cooking oils. You can also enjoy a wide range of coconut treats such as candies, ice cream and pies. Other local flowers and plants are also used for a range of essential oils and scented candles.

Be sure to try some kalamae candy as well, one of Koh Samui’s hidden gems. A sweet caramelized candy made of sticky rice, coconut milk and palm sugar, kalamae is not only delicious but contains all-natural ingredients.

Brightly colored, elegant Thai silk is another must-have item for visitors to Thailand. Silk of vary quality can be found at local shops all over the island and the world-renowned Jim Thompson brand has a shop at Samui International Airport.


Koh Samui’s weekly “walking streets” are festive open-air night markets popular with both locals and tourists. Held in different towns around the island on a rotating basis, walking streets are part street party and part shopping bazaar. Roads are closed to traffic and stalls offer everything from mojitos to exotic snacks such as fried grasshoppers to all manner of crafts, clothes and souvenirs.  Street performers and live musicians add to the merry atmosphere.

The walking street in Bo Phut’s Fisherman’s Village, held on Friday evenings, is perhaps the most popular on the island. Other walking streets are held in Mae Nam on Thursdays and a very popular one in Lamai on Sundays. Chaweng’s walking street is open several days a week. 

For more information about lifestyle experiences, please kindly contact our concierge team.