Special Announcement

Temporary Closure of Some Restaurant,Bar and Pool

We will have a private wedding event, as a result, some restaurants, bars and pool will be closed during 2-3 March 2024.

  • Amber restaurant closure for lunch on March 2 2024.
  • Flames Restaurant closure for dinner on March 2 2024.
  • Infinity Pool closure until 14:00 hrs. on March 3 2024. 
  • Amber restaurant closure for lunch on March 3 2024.
  • Air Bar/ Azure Lounge / Infinity Pool closure for dinner on March 3 2024.

We apologize for any inconvenience these adjustments may cause and assure you that we will endeavor to minimize any disruptions. For further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our guest service at extension number 0. 

T: 077 429 100
E: gsa@ickohsamui.com


F&B Entertainment

Dive into a dining experience that's elevated by three standout entertainments at our venues: the Trio Band's harmonious melodies, the soulful tunes of a Saxophonist, and the mesmerizing artistry of the Flames fire show. While our elite restaurants and the trendy Air Bar promise gourmet delights, it's these performances that truly set the mood. From the rhythmic beats and soulful notes to the fiery dance of Flames, there's something to captivate every guest. Reserve your spot to enjoy a symphony of flavors and entertainment.


Resort Entertainment in March

Gastronomic Indulgence in March


Please note that the all entertainments are subject to weather permitting. 

For more information, please contact Food and Beverage Team
T: 077 429 100
E: fb@ickohsamui.com
W: samui.intercontinental.com/flames 






We are pleased to announce the launch of HandiGo, a new mobile application that makes it easy for guests to connect with resort team and order services.

With HandiGo, guests can quickly and easily request assistance or order services, such as housekeeping or room service, directly from their smartphones. The app also allows guests to contact the front desk and other resort staff through chat service which automatically translated from guest preferred language to English.
We are excited to offer this convenient and user-friendly service to our guests, and we believe it will enhance their overall experience at the resort.

For more information, please contact Guest Service Team Member
T: 077 429 100
E: gsa@ickohsamui.com



Complimentary Island Shuttle Van Service

For your smooth journey and convenience, we offer the scheduled complimentary island shuttle service by resort's 10 seaters commuter van to run between a designated selection of convenient locations from resort to convenient locations; Central Festival Samui, Guan Yu Shrine or Fisherman Village etc.

Please note that this service is not an Airport Shuttle Service.

For more information, please contact Concierge Team Member
T: 077 429 100
E: concierge@ickohsamui.com
W: samui.intercontinental.com/complimentary-island-shuttle-van-service