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Signature Spa Treatments

Tropical Samui Passage Treatment reflects the history and culture of Samui. For over a century, coconut has been the most valuable resource of the island. Locals have developed methods to utilize every part of the coconut tree, from the shell of the fruit to the bark and leaves. Fresh local coconut is incorporated into the treatment with warm herbal bath to relax the body, followed by a body polish with fresh grated coconuts. Acupressure massage using coconut shells and a warm body compress melts away muscle tension and stress. Siamese aromatic massage using cold pressed coconut oil helps restore agility and energy. 

Post treatment refreshment of customized blend of TICHAA certified organic herbal infusion completes the spa experience by nourishing the body from the inside. Some spa products are available for purchase at Baan Thai Spa but the entire collection is available at HARNN Boutique next to hotel lobby.

Bespoke Products


Harnn's holistic approach focuses on restoring and maintaining natural balance through the use of natural botanical extracts with inspiration from traditional herbal medicine and proven scientific research.  Its organic plant extracts and essential oils act to counter the effects of stress and pollution from today's urban lifestyle and environment.