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In The Know

One of Thailand’s unique culinary treasures is the art of candle scenting. Aromatic candle made from bee wax, dry flower and essential oils, is lit in a jar and the smoke released adds unique aromatic scent to food placed inside the jar. Candle scenting was popularized during the reign of King Rama V but is only practiced by very few traditional chefs today. HARNN revived the art of candle scenting by applying the art to herbal tea under TICHAA collection.

At Baan Thai Spa by HARNN, the knowledge is rendered into an experience guests can encounter through herbal infusions from Tichaa, courteously served to visitors after each therapy session.  One of Tichaa’s remarkable drinks is the Jasmine Candle Scented White Mulberry Natural Tisane, a fragrant brew diffusing a mildly smoky scent that appeals to both senses of scent and taste.

Exceptional tisanes are created to help visitors restore their natural balance of the body and mind through stimulating all combined senses, brewed by our wellness consultant. Maximize your relaxation and experience the true serenity at Baan Thai Spa by HARNN.